Battery Box Hoses, Knurled Hose Fittings & Fixings


Set of 4 Braided Hoses complete with Knurled Hose Fittings and Fixings.

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This is a complete set of four hoses with eight Knurled Hose Fittings, four nuts for mounting into your foot shells and two threaded half moon machined parts for screwing into your battery boxes.

The Hoses are cut long enough to expose 12″ between the KHF’s and are strengthened with clear hoses to stop the braided hose collapsing.  The KHF’s are fixed in place using raw plugs and screws to lock them into position and can be undone to allow for any adjustments required.

Please Note: The nuts are not shown but will be included with your order.

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Weight .420 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 11 cm