About Me

Hi from the workshop!

A lot of people were made aware of my story back in 2013 with this first Pre Production photo posted by JJ Abrams with Oliver Steeples, Kathleen Kennedy & Myself back in 2013. The droid building started before that, back in 2007. I have continued to work for Lucasfilm in the Creature Effects Department for all further Star Wars Productions here in the UK along with supplying Droids to the US Star Wars Productions.

Star Wars Celebration 2015.

I have a well equipped workshop at home and am happy to consider any non Star Wars Droid related commisions for Film, TV, Publicity events or anything else you would like to pitch. Also as an experienced Droid Puppeteer I am happy to consider being unfaithful to R2D2 to carry out other Remote Control work!

Lining up the classic R2D2 & Luke Skywalker shot for The Last Jedi.

I also attend events worldwide giving talks on the film industry and my experience of working on Star Wars along with attending signing events now and again.

Signing for Topps.

For any enquiries please contact enquiries@artoo-detoo.co.uk.