Lee Towersey - About Me

Born on 3rd July 1970 in the UK, My parents had myself and my younger Brother Glenn. I grew up always fasinated with making things and how things worked! Growing up with one of the builders favourites, Lego, I was more interested in making my own things than having to follow 'boring' instructions! My facination with how things work amused my Parents one year when they took me to see the Christmas window displays in Harrods. I spent most of my time on my hands and knees, not interested in what the displays represented but far more interested in trying to work out how they moved!

As I got older my building developed to more expensive toys such as Tamiya Remote Control Cars, R/C Boats, and not so succesfully R/C Planes (something I would like to revisit at some point and master).

I grew up, got married & now have two wonderful Sons. This however did not put a stop to my building. During the quiet(ish) period between Christmas & New Year in 2007 I decided I was going to embark on a new R/C project. I start looking on the internet at various potential projects and having nearly decided on a Dalek which would have been too big to fit in my car, I decided on an R2D2!

Two years later in January 2009, R2D2 was finished! Now what to do with him........

How I started in the Movie Industry

At the time, there was not an R2 Builders Group in the UK so I joined a costuming group called The Rebel Legion. This lead to attending many events with R2 which you can see on my events page. Some of the events were quite high profile and I gradually got more & more requests to appear at offical Lucas Film events for Game Launches, Live Shows and a TV Advert.

In 2013 there was an event called Star Wars Celebration, held in Essen, Germany. By this time there was a UK R2 Builders Group and there were a number of Astromechs at the event including a number who travelled from the UK. Unfortunately I could not make it but one of the UK Builders, Oliver Steeples approached Kathleen Kennedy and jokingly offered the R2 Builders services to build droids for the next Star Wars film.

A few months later Oliver got the call! Neal Scanlan and a few of the production team from The Force Awakens visited Olivers house to check out what he does. They must have liked what they saw, within a few weeks Oliver was asked along to Pinewood for a chat and this is where Oliver called me to see if I was free to join him. We had worked together at a number of events including the Currys TV Advertising Campaign which you can see on this site.

The meeting went well and we still did not quite know what/if/when anything was going to happen. Eventually Oliver got a call from Neal giving him a start date to work on the Movie. Oliver kindly asked me to join him as the team of two making R2D2s for Lucas Film.

It was an amazing journey, some of which is documented here. Oliver is no longer in the industry as he left after completing TFA to persue another career. I however have continued to work at Pinewood as one of Neal Scanlans CFX Crew. I have since gone on to work on Rogue One, Episode VIII & The Han Solo Movie.