Lee Towersey - My R2D2 Story

I have put this website together to share my story. From the first day when I decided to build myself an R2D2 right up to date which I hope to keep on top of and share my experiences of what this has lead to. Hopefully you'll find plenty of interesting stuff here! It's not just R2D2 either, I have built other droids and have many ongoing projects which I hope to share the progress of.

R2D2 - The Beginning

I have always been interested in remote control cars, planes (not much success), Boats and all other things r/c. In 2007 during the quiet period between Christmas New Year I started to look for a new project to get stuck into. I decided I was going to build something r/c but different to your usual off the shelf product. Searching the world wide wide I started to look at Daleks, these looked like fun to build but I wasn't sure how I was going to transport it anywhere and quite what I was going to do with it after it was built! Looking for a smaller robot to build I came across the R2 Builders Group. I was soon enthralled by the passion of this group and the amount of information shared, including plans for pretty much every component and the set-up of the group itself. That was it, after spending hours...... days, reading through and getting to understand the time required to take on quite a complex build, I was committed!

The R2 Builders produce what are known as 'runs'. This is where a complex part such as R2s steel feet for example are produced by a member of the group, so to make the production affordable the member will offer the feet as a run. Then once the closing date to join the run has passed the manufacturer will produce the quantity required at a more affordable price. I committed my spare money to a few parts and started building what I could myself and along with the steady flow of ordered parts from various runs the build began.

I won't go into any more detail of the build here, that is available to view on a separate page. I did however finish the build two years later and in January 2009 R2D2 was born! The rest as they say is history which thankfully I am still adding to, a lot of which you can read about and follow the amazing ride I’m on within the film industry.

Most importantly, where it all began for me is here: www.astromech.net. Go have a look, especially if you fancy building your own Astromech.